About Us

The 'Loop' in GreenLoopFarms

In our effort in Making Sustainability a Delicious Endeavor, GreenLoopFarms actively finds ways to adopt more sustainable materials and reduce waste. 


Derived from the natural byproduct of the coconut industry, cocopeat presents a valuable solution to waste reduction. With its eco-friendly properties and exceptional moisture retention capacity, we have chosen to widely adopt this medium within our farm. The trays of coco peat serve as the nurturing grounds for our microgreens, ensuring optimal growth and harvest readiness.


But our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. After we harvest our microgreens, we embark on a truly remarkable journey. The coco peat is meticulously transported to our collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic, where SPROUT’s (Sustainability Program Reaching OUT) garden comes to life. Within this garden, hundreds of diligent earthworms tirelessly break down the cocopeat and our organic waste, transforming it into vermicast – a natural fertilizer. This nutrient-rich byproduct finds a second life, enriching gardens and cultivating thriving ecosystems within our community.


The Team